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Panzer lll Remote Control 1/16 Scale Model

A German medium tank, this model has a 50mm main cannon. The Panzer III was produced in the late 30’s and early 40’s. It was extremely effective in the early stages of the war. Over 5,700 Panzer IIIs were produced.

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Soviet T-34/76 Medium 1/35 Scale Tank

The T-34 was the most massively produced tank of WWII. Widely regarded as one of the best tanks of the war as well. This is 1/35 scale. Requires assembly.

(Price: $49.95)

“Advanced models builders only”

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U.S. Army M4 Sherman remote controlled tank 1/24 scale

The M4 Sherman was the main battle tank of the United States during World War 2. It was a medium sized tank armed with a 75mm cannon effective against both infantry and most enemy tanks. Over 49,000 Sherman tanks were built and many were exported to our allies. This model requires a total of 14 AA batteries which are not included.

(Price: $239.00)

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