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This is how I became interested in World War II – What About YOU?

World War 2 Planes

Back late 2005 when I was 15, I received an Xbox 360 for my birthday. It was a new video game console that had just come out and there were not many games.

My younger brother who was 12 at the time read a lot about video games and suggested Call of Duty 2. I had never played a war game so I was skeptical. Eventually we got the game, and for some reason that I cannot fully explain, I got obsessed with it. I must have beaten the game a dozen times.

I remember seeing through the eyes of different soldiers and what missions were like such as setting charges to blow up artillery pointed at the beaches on Normandy. There were littles bits of documentaries in the game also which would explain what part you were going through such as the Battle of Stalingrad.

Playing the game, I first started learning about the basic weapons and some of the vehicles. I wanted to learn more so I began looking online to read about weapons, vehicles, battles, and both political and military leaders of WWII.

I started with Wikipedia and I would click one article for example about the German Invasion of Poland and it would talk about how the Germans would use Junkers Ju 87 Stucka bombers in their attacks on Poland. I would click on that link to learn more about the bomber and this would be a consistent theme with reading. I also read many books on the subject as well. And, I started watching films and documentaries whenever I could find them.

This is how I became involved in learning about WWll. I find it funny how it didn’t come in history class and unfortunately not from my grandfather because he died when I was only 6. He served as a gunnery instructor and a prison guard watching over the few Japanese Prisoners of War who surrendered (most Japanese would commit suicide by gunshot, grenade or a suicidal banzai charge rather than surrender).

I find it a bit strange that school never got me interested in the subject but a video game that many just play, shoot, and pay not that much attention too did. There are so many people interested in this subject with so many ways to first get started. However you got to this site, whether you are new to WWII or an expert, I hope you enjoy the website and find something here that grabs your interest and expands your WWII knowledge.